2019 - 2020 ; 1 Year

User Research, Material Research, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing

Walnut Express is an initiative to disrupt the educational space through hands-on STEAM based games and activities started by Manasi Tata. My role was to research, ideate, conceptualise, prototype and test products that were grade specific, borrowing from concepts across all curriculums and inculcating 21st century skills in them. The activities were designed in such a way that all kids would end up creating their unique outcomes that reflected their traits and interests using easy to use, eco-friendly material.



Wings Club is a hands-on activity that requires the kids to read and understand about various bird needs & habits to come up with a ‘bird playground’. They use natural material to design and build structures with which the birds can interact with. They also use basic mathematic functions to calculate the value of their creations!


Spacemate is a fun activity through which children design various characters, write their stories, draw their planets etc. They explore 3D shapes to build their characters and use basic circuitry to make them move.


Healthy plates is an educative and motor skill engaging exercise and game that the students can play in groups of two. Through the activity, they learn about healthy food and eating habits.