• Nitin Jerath

Thoughts on Sustainability

The sustain, when put into the context of products that we use today, can be defined as something that can survive in the world that we live in. That makes the word quite dynamic. What was sustainable yesterday might not be sustainable today. It is also not merely surviving but surviving without disturbing the balance of the world. A few examples can be materials or products that do not cause pollution, can easily decay and still serve their purpose. Something can also be sustainable if it does not depend on external factors to survive. A small ecosystem in itself, like a terrarium, or even planet earth for that matter. Or something that does not require maintenance or constant supply of energy. But that in itself works in contradiction to nature’s laws as energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Something cannot just exist by itself in the world that we know of. So sustainability is a term that is strictly bound by time and so, something can never be eternally sustainable.

Imagining the perfectly sustainable product would take us to a world that lives at a standstill of a perfect balance. Where people are consistently and perfectly systematic about their habits and the environment exists as it is with each passing day. Where whatever is taken from nature is duly returned at

the perfect time cause no extra negatives or positives. In conclusion, I would say that a product is never

sustainable in itself. It is our habits that make it sustainable or wasteful. Unless of course, we

are talking about something that can adapt and change with the changing environment and

make the most efficient decisions. Something that does not even depend on the human intelligence.

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