The FUTURE of work

2018 ; 5 months

User Research, Design Futures , Design Research

The Future of Work was the pilot project of the Service Design Lab at QGLUE that was setup by the core team comprising of me, Abhinav Banerjee, a data scientist among a non-exhaustive list of other things and Anubha Bisht, A User Experience Designer.


The  project started off as an open ended research into what the future of work would look like in India in the year 2022 and how that would change the role of the Human Resource Manager. The project pivots around two major disruptions of the decade- 1.The nature of work and 2. The Millennial and Generation Z workforce.


After conducting extensive Design and User Research, Identifying important trends and disruptions that would define the changes in the workspace in the future to come and finally coming up with important insights using Design Thinking and Design Futures tools that helped us make our research a lot more tangible and jump into the solution space!

The project took shape in the form of a project report which dives in depth into our research and a Playbook titled Sandpit for People Managers, which equips People managers with design tools and our research in a narrative form to make their practices more human centred and design led.

*Due to the nature of the project, I can only share a few excerpts from the project report and the playbook at this point.