2016 ; 4 months

Sustainable Design, Toy Design, Product Design, Design Research

The project was undertaken at the Natural Fibres Lab at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology headed by Janak Mistry, Design Principal at Srishti and sponsored by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven by Tjeerd Veenhoven, product designer with a love for inventing materials.


The brief demanded an experimental and scientific approach to understanding Areca Palm sheath as a material and coming up with alternate uses for it. It is primarily as firewood and plates in India and can be found in Abundance in the South and North Eastern regions of the country.

Personally, my exploration of the project was more from an artist's standpoint than a designer's. My research was largely in the domain of industrialisation and its aftermath resulting in a tectonic shift in material use etc.



You can go through the process in the project documentation here. Excerpts from the same can be viewed below.

One of the prominent end product ended up being the Areca Toys and a research paper titled Sustainablism which can be found here.